Sunday July, 21 2024


The common ingredient of successful organizations is the premium they place on good people at every level… people who use their autonomy to work smart, make good decisions, and endeavor to realize their full potential.

Broder and Associates specializes in working with organizations to establish HR systems and culture to protect their investment in their most valuable assets… their people.

With over 20 years of experience in HR consulting and management, we are exceptionally well positioned to provide your organization with advice, information and the tools to achieve and sustain high performance.

Led by one of the most sought after consultants in the Human Resources and Management Consultancy field, Shirley E. Broder provides strategic, technical and policy guidance to support your organization’s HR goals and workplace initiatives. 

Regardless of organizational level − project team or boardroom − we can customize a program that will unite diverse elements to drive organizational performance to new levels of success.

With our compelling consulting and training programs, Broder and Associates can help your organization achieve its strategic vision and ensure that you attract, retain, motivate, reward and develop a high performing team.

We are your strategic business partners.