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Many small companies don't have a formal human resources department, but need to maintain a competitive edge, increase professional expertise, control legal risk, provide consistent service delivery and save time. For a fixed monthly fee, we will provide services from the following menu for a 12 month contract…

Salary Administration

  • Update/Modify/Create New Position Descriptions

  • Salary Survey Update - annually

  • Recommendations for Performance-Based Increases

  • Design of Incentives

  • Letters Tracking Salary Actions

Performance Management

  • Oversight of Performance Review Process

  • Review Plans and Expectations

  • Train Managers to Coach and Counsel

  • Assist Managers Communicate (Verbally and In Writing)

  • B & A - designed Performance Systems - Update and Create New Plans Annually

  • Create Paperwork for Payroll for Increases, Promotions, Range Adjustments

Employee Relations

  • Available to meet with Managers and Employees for Problem Resolution, Disciplinary Actions, Coaching, and Counseling

  • Investigate Discrimination/Harassment Allegations

  • Management Training on Employment Law

  • B & A Written Handbooks

  • Review Handbook and Make Recommendations for Change

  • Policy Development


  • Screening

  • Developing Ads

  • Interviewing

  • Reference Checking

  • Offer Letters

  • Set Up and Execute Orientation

Training and Development

  • Customer-Designed, On-Site Training Programs on Customer Service, Sales, Communication, Cross-Selling, Netiquette, Team Building, etc.

  • Management/Supervisory Training for all levels of management (Employment Law, Interviewing, Workplace Motivation, Coaching, Counseling, Delegation, Time Management and Conflict Resolution)

Benefit Administration

  • Submit REPs to Vendors As Required for Insurance Programs, Ensure Competitiveness, Make Recommendations

  • Conduct Employee Enrollment and Assist With Paperwork

  • Answer Employee Questions

  • Recommend New Benefits/Cost Savings


  • Provide Advise/Expertise/Guidance to CEO and Managers. May include Organizational Design, Service Delivery, Training and Professional Development, Board Relations, Executive Compensation


  • Provide Guidance to Internal Staff on Records Management and Ensure Compliance

  • Assist with EEO claims, FMLA, COBE and unemployment compensation issues