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“I have worked with and have recommended Broder and Associates to Bankers for the past 25 years. Shirley Broder is a true professional in her field and can answer the tough questions when it comes to Human Resource issues. She understands how critical proper human resource management is and how it can make or break any business. In banking, her motto of pay for performance has helped many banks achieve goals they never thought possible. She can address any level of management within your bank and will make your organization a better place to work by improving moral, productivity and profitability. She understands that people make the difference.”

Bill Kroll
Banker for 30 years

“Broder & Associates has provided HR consultation services to Apple Federal Credit Union for over 10 years. Broderís services have included HR audit recommendations, market-based salary surveys, management training, development and review of staff policies, procedures and job descriptions and periodic advice on employee relations issues. Shirley Broder is an excellent speaker and provides flexible, personalized service. Broderís many years of experience, broad expertise and up to date knowledge in HR practices make her a valuable resource.”

D. Beth Yingling, SPHR
Vice President of Human Resources
Apple Federal Credit Union

“We have benefitted greatly from Ms. Broder's professional guidance and assistance in many areas, to include salary surveys, employee issue assessments, employment handbook development and more. She is focused, attentive and respected by our staff managers.”

H. Walt Townshend
Baltimore Washington Chamber of Commerce / BWCC

“Thank you for the excellent way you facilitated the Strategic Planning portion of our annual conference. The way you got all in attendance to express their thoughts and be part of the planning process was most effective. Not only did you help us develop a clear and simple Mission Statement, we were able to develop a workable and detailed Strategic Plan. Thank you again…”

Jim Stone, Board Chairman
Money One Federal Credit Union

“As I reflect on how our relationship started, I must say that you guided us in building the foundation of a truly effective performance-based management system. With your valuable expertise, we established well defined position descriptions and clearly connected these position expectations to a new performance appraisal. You also met with our managers to help build accountability into the Credit Union culture using performance based metrics and offered excellent guidance on how to be better coaches within our respective teams.

As we've grown and modified our business model we have also adapted our performance based management model to complement our Credit Union's ongoing needs and future. However, the core model you introduced to us in 1996 is still in place today!

Our strategic partnership today continues to build on the success of these first endeavors many years ago. You continue to be a great resource to us in many areas of Human Resource management and I appreciate all you've done.

Without a doubt, I strongly recommend the services of Broder & Associates and wish you all the best in your future endeavors!”

David E. Bunch, President/CEO
Fed Choice Federal Credit Union

“Shirley has focused our attention on attracting, retaining, motivating, training and rewarding a high performing staff. Our staff knows the mission and goals of the credit union and we are all working together as a team to attain our strategic objectives. During our Strategic Planning Sessions, Shirley has highlighted the importance of a core business strategy that utilizes financial performance and relationship management data to develop a high performing CU…”

Debbie Connors, President/CEO
Money One Federal Credit Union